What motivates you to be a motivator?

The community and the ability to transform someone’s day with positive energy is what drives me to motivate.  Knowing how awesome I feel after a ride just makes me want to share that energy! Also as a singer the stage is my home and this is just one more way for me to share my love of music with the world.  I was told recently that I needed to get a little more comfortable with the uncomfortable and this is exactly the way to do it!! Pushing yourself just a little bit harder then you think you can go and believing in yourself is the best way to grow and achieve our goals. Turning that dial to the right just a little bit more and challenging your inner surrounded by a room of like minded people is the perfect way!

How would you describe your style of class at IC?

Fun, upbeat, positive and sweaty! It’s a party from start to finish with maybe a few sing alongs….

Most likely to be found where when you are not on a spin bike?

Singing , travelling, or spending time with my family!

How would you describe yourself in three words

Dedicated, emotional and determined lol I always dream big and work as hard as I can to achieve those dreams.

What is your favorite part of living in our city?

My Family! I love having everyone right there!

How can we find you on #instagram?


Top 3 things you couldn’t forgo in life?

Shoes, popcorn and white wine!

What is your nick name?

Sue… only by my dad and super close friends.  My dad has always called me sue it’s kind of a long story and Sammie for obvious reasons…..