Song Scavenger Hunt

Play along with us in the Song Scavenger Hunt and WIN PRIZES!
Nov 18th – Dec 15th

1) 6am + 9:30am
2) 4:30pm + 5:30pm + 6pm
3) 7pm + 7:30pm + 8pm
4) Weekend Rides

◾️Each week a song will be posted on social media. 🎶
◾️This song will be hidden in one of the motivator’s rides during your time slot.
◾️Identify the motivator and time slot by filling out a ballot at front desk to be entered to win.

The riders who identify the song will be entered into a random draw for prizes on Sunday afternoon.

1 prize/group each week.
One entry/rider.

Pro Tip:
Keep the song a secret from your group so you have better odds of winning in the draw!

Mel Motivates 100 Rides

( 100 )

Time and time again Melissa Marie Bender has showed us how strong we can be together!

Thank you for taking this journey with her – and if you haven’t rode with her yet.. you need to! 🔥🔥

Click to read what motivates her to motivate you!⬇️

Spin Nutrition

Thank you again Meghan Doll, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, for coming into the studio on Sunday to chat with us! In case you missed it here are the highlights:

Hydration is 🔑
Body weight (lbs) divided by 2 = Oz of water needed per day PLUS extra on spin days 💦💦
Add a pinch of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to water for mineral support. (if its white it’s not right)
🍋Lemon water with sea salt is amazing!

The perfect pre-workout snack is high protein and fat. Must for 6am rides or if you ride after work and haven’t eaten since lunch. 6AM – It is important to have something in your stomach! 425 and 530 snack is optional.
➡️Favorites discussed: hard boiled eggs, almonds, cheese (grass fed), jerky, avocado with hemp, avocado with almond butter.

Eat within an hour of waking up for hormone health!

All meals built starting with protein in mind first (1-2 palm sized servings), then a fat source, veggies are best carbs!
Think the more natural the better- grass fed meats, pasture raised eggs. Support the local farmers market!

Protein powders are useful but real food is preferred! Amino acid powders are not needed.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more follow Meg the RHN or visit