Mel Motivates 100 Rides

( 100 )

Time and time again Melissa Marie Bender has showed us how strong we can be together!

Thank you for taking this journey with her – and if you haven’t rode with her yet.. you need to! 🔥🔥

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We want our riders to be continuously progressing and feeling their best – that means we must always be improving!

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Round 2 anyone?!

Calling all students! We are amping up for our 2nd annual Student Challenge. Some of you have had your eye on the Challenge Trophy from last year – so this is your chance for redemption!

Grab a friend and enter your team of 2 by emailing your names and team name.

First team to sign up wins a prize!

How it works:

$120 Entry Fee/Team for 1 month unlimited rides! April 1st – 30th.

New members must create a Mind Body account for rides to be added to their accounts. Head to the [BUY RIDES] link or download the MindBody app.

Team with the highest total points added together between both partners – WINS! Check into front desk after each ride for tally points.

What does 1st place win?

  • 1 month unlimited x 2
  • $100 gift certificate to Lululemon x 2
  • Your names on the IC Team Challenge Trophy!

2nd Prize:

  •  1 month unlimited x 2
  • $25 gift certificates to Refresh Massage Studio and Spa x 2

March 2018 Schedule

Here is our March Schedule at a glance! Also check us out on MindBody.

Opening Day!

This Tuesday, September 6th at 6AM we’re officially open for business. Stop in to check out the space and buy some rides! We can’t wait to meet you!