Round 2 anyone?!

Calling all students! We are amping up for our 2nd annual Student Challenge. Some of you have had your eye on the Challenge Trophy from last year – so this is your chance for redemption!

Grab a friend and enter your team of 2 by emailing innercyclespinstudio@gmail.com your names and team name.

First team to sign up wins a prize!

How it works:

$120 Entry Fee/Team for 1 month unlimited rides! April 1st – 30th.

New members must create a Mind Body account for rides to be added to their accounts. Head to the [BUY RIDES] link or download the MindBody app.

Team with the highest total points added together between both partners – WINS! Check into front desk after each ride for tally points.

What does 1st place win?

  • 1 month unlimited x 2
  • $100 gift certificate to Lululemon x 2
  • Your names on the IC Team Challenge Trophy!

2nd Prize:

  •  1 month unlimited x 2
  • $25 gift certificates to Refresh Massage Studio and Spa x 2

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